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The characteristics of Ceramic foundry sand

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  1. The coefficient of thermal expansion is small, and the performance is comparable to that of zircon sand. With the type of core sand, the casting does not cause expansion defects.

  2. The sand is spherical, with good fluidity, easy to compact, and good air permeability.

  3. The surface is smooth and the structure is dense, so that the binder can be evenly covered, and the amount of addition is reduced by 30% to 50%.

  4. Ceramic foundry sand are neutral materials, both the acid and alkali binders can be used.

  5. Recycling and reusing performance is good, cost-effective.

    Compared with chromite sand and zircon sand, the price is only 25-50% of zircon sand. At the same time, because the sand is spherical, its surface area is small, so the amount of resin can be reduced by 30-50%, the amount of water glass added is less than or equal to 4%; and the casting defects caused by the binder are reduced, the yield of the casting is improved.

  6. The mullite phase of the ceramic foundry sand is much higher than the sintered product and has good fire resistance.

  7. High thermal conductivity, good stability, no cracking.

  8. Wide range of applications

    Resin sand, water glass sand, lost foam, V method, investment mold and polishing of copper and alumimun parts.

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