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Several common refractory castable performance comparison

Views: 2613 times Updated :2014-01-24

   Refractory castable for cement kiln available exist follows: alkaline castable, high siliceous castable, high alumina castable .

   1.Alkaline castable refers to mainly material is magnesia, magnesium aluminate spinel material .

Advantage : excellent alkali resistance

Disadvantage : larger thermal expansion coefficient and poor thermal shock resistance.

   If solve the problem of thermal shock resistance, application effect is good in the cement kiln.

   2.High-silica castable refers to alumina content is less than 30% aluminum-silicon material. These material react with alkaline compound in a certain temperature, form  closed protective glaze layer in the surface, prevent penetration of the alkali to continue, protect material stops to alkali erosion .

Advantage : good alkali resistance .

Disadvantage : lower under-load temperature, lower strength and poor wear resistance .

   3.High alumina castable refers to a class of materials mainly alumina.  Include a variety of corundum mullite .

Advantage : higher hardness and higher wear resistance.

Disadvantage : not to bear alkali.

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