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The United States decided to cancel the Chinese exports refractory anti-dumping duties

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China news agency Washington, December 12 (Reporter De Yongjian)

   The 12th U.S. International Trade Commission made a final determination , decided to cancel the anti-dumping duty for refractories from Chinese exports to the U.S..

   USITC issued a proclamation declaring a unanimous vote of the six members voting results is that silica brick did not cause material injury or threat to the United States and related industries from Chinese exports to the U.S.

   According to the U.S. trade remedy cases processing, USITC made a final determination , the U.S. Department of Commerce should not issue an order about anti-dumping duties to the Customs for silica brick from Chinese exports to the U.S.

   Silica brick refractories is acidic, mainly use for masonry coke ovens , blast furnaces, kilns and other high temperature glass furnaces . U.S. Department of Commerce statistics show that in 2012 Chinese silica brick exports to the U.S. totaled about $ 25.7 million .

   November 2012 , a Utah refractories company complaint , claiming that Chinese companies is dumping in the United States , requiring initiated anti- dumping investigations, the dumping margin was raised up from 118.47 to 290.12% .

   November this year, the U.S. Department of Commerce makes an affirmative final determination , to be imposed from 63.81 to 73.10 percent anti-dumping duty on silica brick from China exports to the U.S , the U.S. Customs began to impose anti- dumping duty deposit for Chinese company , but only USITC to make the affirmative final determination , could formally imposed anti-dumping duties to Chinese company .

   In recent years, it is rare that United States canceled Chinese exports to the U.S. "double reverse" tariff . Last April, once the U.S. International Trade Commission unanimously decided to cancel Chinese steel exports to the U.S. anti-dumping and countervailing wheel "dual" tariffs according to the voting results.

   In September, the U.S. International Trade Commission own 4:2 vote results , decided to cancel China , India, Malaysia, Vietnam, Ecuador countries about frozen warm water shrimp exports to the U.S. countervailing duty .

   Launched against the United States trade remedy actions , the Chinese Ministry of Commerce has repeatedly stressed that hope the U.S. investigating authorities adopt a cautious attitude and strict compliance with the WTO rules and regulations related to trade remedies , to carry out an objective and impartial investigation of the case , to avoid trade remedy investigations degenerate into trade protectionism tool.

   3rd of this month , China formally through DSU sued the U.S. Department of Commerce about 13 cases of anti-dumping measures against Chinese products in the past few years, covering solar cells, OCTG , warm water shrimp and other products, involving up to $ 8.4 billion .

   Chinese Ministry of Commerce noted that the United States does not comply with WTO rules in the process, causing great distress to Chinese enterprises , interferes with the normal Sino-US trade . China hopes to do negotiation under DSU , the United States will promptly correct the erroneous practice and create a favorable environment for international trade.

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